Vollkorn Penne Rigate n° 98 Pasta Toscana

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Pasta made entirely from 100% organic high quality whole wheat and pure water with Omega 3 coming from flaxseed flour (Ala Omega 3). Bronze drawn and dried at low temperatures to maintain a unique flavor and a rough and porous surface. It contains a high amount of fibre that contributes to a sense of satiety and consequently helps to control body weight. It also contains vitamins and minerals that help us feel well and keep in shape. Omega 3 fatty acids contribute to prevent cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

  • Highly digestible and filling thanks to the high fibre content
  • 100% organic whole wheat cultivated in Italy
  • Omega 3 of vegetable origin with preventive action against cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
  • Eco-friendly packaging